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About Washington Lodge #1117

Freemasonry is a longstanding fraternity that aims to cultivate the character of its members. It originated in Scotland in the 16th century but was formally established in London in 1717. The fraternity operates through local lodges, overseen by Grand Lodges, which are present in each state and the District of Columbia. Central to Freemasonry are its three degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason, each involving symbolic rituals and moral teachings. Freemasonry emphasizes charity, particularly towards widows, orphans, and aged members. It's not a religion and welcomes men of all faiths. Secrecy is maintained to preserve the integrity of its teachings. In Texas, Freemasonry played a significant role in its early history and continues to contribute to the community.

Our Goals


Join a brotherhood of likeminded men. 


Break bread before stated meetings and enjoy stimulating conversation. 


Enjoy a variety of fun events with our lodge. 

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